12-Volt Modified Sine Power Inverters


12-Volt Modified Sine Power Inverters When you’re shopping for power inverters, you’ll come across two main categories: modified sine inverters and pure sine inverters. What’s the difference? Essentially, modified sine inverters power your devices in chunky or blocky waves, whereas pure sine inverters provide power in even, smooth waves. Because of the chunky waves, modified styles are less efficient and they may cause certain devices to run hot and buzz. However, these kinds of inverters are generally less expensive than their counterparts, so they are a good choice for some applications, primarily those with non-sensitive electronic components. Applications for Small Modified Sine Inverters In this selection, you’ll find all of our 12-volt DC to AC modified sine power inverters. All of these options convert DC power stored in your 12-volt batteries to 120-volt AC power. Not all devices can be converted using modified sine, but they are ideal for many tools, pumps, motors and non-sensitive electronics. The 12-volt models also include common options for cars and trucks, as well as smaller backup power systems. You’ll find sizes, options and styles with specialty features here to suit your needs. Need to convert power on your higher volt devices? We also have modified sine inverters in 24-, 36– and 48-volt options that are better for commercial trucks, homes and other environments requiring larger capacities. The Inverter Store sells a wide variety of modified sine inverters that are ETL Certified to UL 458 or UL 1741 standards, which may be important for your industry or end use. You can always get in touch with us if you have specific questions about which inverter to buy for your specific need.