DC12V to AC 110V Power Inverter 1500W


Product features: 1) Using advanced double CPU single chip microcomputer intelligent control technology, it has the characteristics of high reliability and low failure rate; 2) Pure sine wave output, strong load capacity, wide application range; 3) It has perfect protection functions (overload protection, internal over temperature protection, output short circuit protection, input under voltage protection, input over voltage protection, etc.), greatly improving the reliability of products; 4) Small size, light weight, the internal use of CPU centralized control, chip technology, making the volume very small, light weight; 5) Intelligent control of the cooling fan, CPU is used to control the working state of the cooling fan, which greatly extends the service life of the fan, and saves power and improves the working efficiency; 6) Low noise and high efficiency; Scope of application: 1) Vehicle and ship equipment series: military vehicles, police cars, medical ambulances, ships, traffic lights, etc; 2) Industrial equipment series: solar energy, wind power generation, gas discharge lamp, etc; 3) Office: computer, printer, copier, scanner, digital camera, etc; 4) Kitchen appliances series: microwave oven, battery oven, refrigerator, etc; 5) Household electrical equipment: electric fan, vacuum cleaner, air conditioner, lighting, etc; 6) Electric tool series: electric saw, drilling machine, stamping machine, air compressor, etc;